Sunday, April 08, 2007

Recycled Sweater and Start of Afghan

Here are some pics of my new Eco-fil Sweater and of the beginnings of my afghan for Jenny our house cleaner.
It is Easter weekend! Had church twice today and both times the choir messed up the anthem.... yay us! Matt is home for the weekend but brought me beautiful flowers! He is so sweet. Love him sooo much. Mom is going to his Grandparent's house in Grand Falls for Easter supper. Wish I was there with both of them.
David and I are going to Nan's for supper which I am sure is going to be fantastic! Thanks to all for supplying me with Easter/studying chocolate.
Whew.... what a lazy person I am... I am gone back for a nap I do believe... aka probably should be studying but Real Analysis is too boring for words let alone studying before napping...

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-vinn* said...

How did Jenny like her Afghan? I'm thinking she was pumped!

But you know what's not "pumping" me up? Combinatorics! (barf)
Good luck tomorrow! One more day and we're done and then we get to be roomies! EEEE