Friday, March 23, 2007

Hmmm before Real Analysis

It is a half an hour before class and I am clearly procrastinating. It is the first day of wearing my newly finished Eco-fil Sweater! It is much comfier than I had expected recycled wool to be... especially since I had bought it for sale at only $2/ball, which is pretty sweet!

Blackall House Formal was last weekend and I managed to finish sewing my Vogue Patter DKNY Dress the night before!!! YAY!!! Much to my relief as I clearly had to study Vector Calc all Saturday!

Here are a few pictures!

One is of Me and Matt, Happy St. Patrick's Day! The big group is everyone from Grand Falls-Windsor that was there. Me dancing? Oh silly Matt avec my camera!

The Vector Calculus test was incredably horrible, while both the Sexual Behaviour and Combinatorics tests were just dandy! :D It is nice to understand what is on a test and not be totally lost!

Have started knitting an afghan for Jenny, our house cleaner. She is just sooooo sweet. She always brightens your day and she is always up for a good chat.

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