Saturday, January 20, 2007

Here at Residence

Big drama going on here at Paton College at MUN. Changes are being made! I will quite possibly be homeless! Check it out!
Christmas break was wonderful; so good to be home after all semester! Got to knit lots and lots! And unfortunately eat lots and lots too! Hahaha
Everyone had knitting on their minds when gift shopping because I got a new knitting basket, needles, tip covers, scissors, wool, and a knitting page a day calender.
During finals Matt and I ventured to Michael's for a study break... such a sweet guy! And I bought a bunch of Patons Merino Wool. I have seen sooo many projects that are felted and decided now was the time to try! All through exams I knit and knit and knit and over Christmas finished a felted messenger bag that has the Fibbonacci sequence on the front flap. (Yay math nerds of the world unite!) It worked out really nicely and is the perfect size for a clip board and my trusty TI-83+.
Will post a picture when I take one!